Company Profile


Founded in September, 1999 – Let’s Face It Salon (LFI) has been the leading full service skin care chain of salon dedicated to providing excellent and professional service, high quality and effective products in an atmosphere that guarantees a renewed and relaxing experience. With our “Beauty- for- All” philosophy, we have endeavored to give our clientele the feeling of ultimate renewal that is a luxurious as it is affordable. Whether it be cosmetic, aesthetic or dermatologic – our reasonably priced cocktail of treatments take everyone on a voyage of total rejuvenation while being thoughtful of their finances.


At Let’s Face It, Beauty is basic. Good and proper skin care is the primary tool that allows us to go out in the world with confidence and courage. Everyone is entitled to feel better about themselves within a price range that marries quality with affordability. Luxury is no longer a privilege set aside for the rich, but a well-deserved right for the world-weary urbanite.

With this thought in mind, Let’s Face It made the dream of beauty for everybody possible by the thoughtful placing of its branches in major commercial establishments such as malls and town centers. This extra convenience reaffirmed the company’s mission of letting individuals of every shape and color be reached by the good news of professional beauty that is within easy reach.


While Let’s Face It provides affordable services to its clients, we don’t cut any corners in delivering our distinct brand of beauty.     

Let’s Face It prides itself on its pool of expert practitioners in the beauty industry today. Our professional consultants, aestheticians, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeon share our belief of service to the highest quality. They provide up-to-the-minute breakthroughs in science and are constantly educated in the latest and the most cutting-edge in cosmetic and dermatologic procedures and techniques. 

Because your trust is most important to us, we give special thought to your safety and well being. Ensuring that our staff is well-trained in the right handling of equipment, usage of product and procedures is something that we take very seriously. 


In the late 1990s, a stylish businesswoman with a flair for beauty saw the need for a revolution that would shatter the long-held conceptions of skin care aesthetics. The revolution would break the notion of beauty as a privilege, entitling not just those of stature to a life of wellness, but placing beauty in the hands of each and every Filipino. 

The birth of Let’s Face It began this beauty revolution, and within the short span of a year, it spread like wildfire across the metropolis. The next twelve months saw the birth of yet six more branches, converting the public into new believers in this beauty-for-all philosophy. 

From basic salon services, Let’s Face It evolved into a full-service one-stop beauty shop covering a complete line of skin care treatments, dermatology services and cosmetic surgery procedures. Products and services are constantly updated to keep up with the rapid changes in technology. In just fifteen (15) years, LFI has expanded into seventy nine (79) branches and has caught the attention and admiration of various consumer groups.


Let’s Face It desires to entertain you in a location that is far from the usual conceptions of a clinic. An elegant environment evocative of vacation getaways and historic locations is built to invite deep emotion, inspiration and inner thought to each one who enters any of our branches. Rich and colorful fabrics and weaves, accent pieces from ancient cultures and aromas from a forgotten time bring you to a state of complete equilibrium. 

You can be sure that each branch is equipped with the latest technology in the industry, handled and operated by staff that is well-versed in personalized customer service. There are main areasfor multiple treatment stations, as well as private rooms for more secluded and relaxed settings. 

Let’s Face It salons are strategically located in main commercial districts and community landmarks because we understand your need for convenience and accessibility especially in these busy, modern times.